Getting back into ID

Hi- I kind of wanted throw out a few questions regarding something I am going through. I am interested in getting back into Industrial Design, I graduated from RIT with a degree in ID and have all the basic foundations. However, upon graduation, I took a job as an Admissions Counselor as my wife was still in graduate school and we had a kid on the way. Needless to say, three years later, my wife got a job in Seattle and I left my job to move here… Now, that I am looking for employment, my wife has encouraged me to look into jumping back into the ID field…

My question is… what do I need to do to brush up on my skills to prepare for employment in the ID field? I still draw to this day (not as much as I wish I could) so my sketching is adequate; however it has been three years since I touched a rendering program (Alias, Solidworks, etc.). I have been looking at taking some classes at UW but I am not sure of their reputation and what kind of rendering programs they offer. Also would I be better of just going for a Master’s in ID there?

I realize that if I do jump into the fray, I will be starting at the bottom and that perfectly fine with me. Any word of advice will be appreciated!

Portfolio my friend. Put lots of energy into a great portfolio. You have the degree, and three years isn’t really that long to be out of it. ID is heavy on the visuals with some problem solving and fresh ideas rounding out the mix.

Try to show a variety of things. Sketches, renders, and protoypes across a range of product categories.

I agree here. Your portfolio is key. One of the things I have done is redo a lot of my projects from college. I am a package designer and I still want to keep my self fresh with the consumer products area of ID. I have taken the projects that I was passionate about in school and have evaluated them and looked at how I can make them better. This is a great exercise. It freshens up you skills and also makes you start to think like a IDer again.

So pull that old portfolio out, take a look at, redo some stuff and start posting it up here on core. We will give you feedback and it will make you the designer you want to be.

Good luck.