Getting a new job at a distance

I’m looking to relocate from UK ID consultancy to a similar set-up in the US, and would like to know if anyone has experience at getting a ID job in another country? If so how did they do the interview? Can they do it purely over the phone or do you need to visit?

chances are they will call you first to see if they like what you have to say. If you are interesting and seem like someone they would like to meet then they will probaly have you talk to a few more people and if all those people like you THEN they will probably fly you out for an in-person interview. The trip is expensive and hiring you without ever “meeting” you is a big risk so they will probably want to see you first. If you are not authorized to work in the US and will need a visa (an investment on their part) then I would think it is almost 100% unlikely that they would just hire you over the phone.

Thanks Guest for your feedback, I guessed that would be the case.

Has anyone on the message board actually been flown in for interview?

Not overseas, but companies here in the US do fly people in for interviews around the country. To be flown in from another country you’ll more than likely have to pick up the expense or see if the company in question will go half on the expenses. For a company to cover all the expenses of flying you to the US they’d have to either want you to come work for them very badly, or have very deep pockets.