getting a leg into design industry

Hi I’ve been studying philosophy at uni for 1 year but now think I want to return to my product design roots.I’m deferring my second year to think about it and go travelling, but would like to work in a design environment to get a feel for it and see if its right before switching degrees.

Has anybody got any ideas for where I can go to do anything, even admin, as long I am in the product design field?Everywhere wants graduates with expereince and all I hvae is a B at ‘A’ level.

Thankee kindly

Do a search for similar threads before posting yet another “how do I become a designer” question.

As someone with a 5 year design degree I can tell you that the job market currently sucks, bigtime. There are people with masters degrees that can’t find work right now so I would consider another career If I were you. Design might seem glamourous but I can tell you that 95% of it is shit work anyways.

See any of the posts on here lately about “leaving design” “the end of design” “moving on” etc and you will see where things are going. If you want a house, a nice car, etc anytime in the near future you would be better off spending your money on law or business school. You’ll never run out of work handling bankruptcy cases for design firms and manufacturers.

p.s. I’m slightly jaded towards the industry, but I’m not joking.

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But you are not being entirely Honest either. I too am in STL and Buisness is booming. I have not put in less than 60 hours a week since last Thanksgiving. I have even had to pass work off to friends, and past co-workers looking to freelance outside of their day jobs designing bags, fans and lights.

The secret is learning to let the bottom feeders head to China and India, they are not worth your time or effort because they will end up costing you more than you could possibly charge them. Find a your niche and stick to it!

The truth is that there is always work for talented designers, who are unwilling to take no for an answer and who can settle for nothing but perfection. It is just that all universities have relaxed their programs resulting in an overpopulation of sub-par designers. I see it day-in and day-out everytime I get a resume/protfolio in the mail. 19 out of 20 are pure crap… No sketching/communication skills, no sence of mechanical feasability, and no consideration for the details…such as simply printing on the same type of paper.

If design is the only thing you can see yourself doing… Then Do IT!
If you can achieve pure happiness from simply seeing people using your designs… Do IT!

If you need to have the coolest car/house/toys… Do Not Do IT!
If you need to have a steady high grossing paycheck… Do Not Do IT!

Currently the design firms who are showing growth employ a plethera of professionals such as Sociologist, Anthropoligist, Psycologist, Physical Therapist, Market Researchers, Doctors, etc. Dispite current curently posted trends I know and interact with 4 firms (clients so I legally cannot say who) that have doubled there on staff designers in the last six months. One adding 6 designers 4 straight out of school, 1 with 5 yrs and 1 with 7 yrs. Another has added 4 onstaff designers and is currently using 7 contract designes such as myself.

I’m glad to hear things in STL are doing well, I’m actually still in KC and Im in the process of heading back home to STL. Things here have dried up to nothing and a lot of the posts Ive made lately have reflected my frustration.

Its not that I don’t want people becoming designers, its just that I don’t want people to get into it and find out that it isn’t like what people see on television, it isn’t all glamorous. I agree if you have a passion for it then do it, but like you said if you’re looking to drive a ferrari and have a mansion it probably isn’t the best move.

If you need help in STL give me a line and I’ll show you my portfolio, I’ll be there August 1 and have tons of experience.