Getting a job in Hong Kong

Since my last forum discussing my experience with getting jobs in Hong Kong, I have been getting emails from many people asking how they can do it. I hope by replying in a forum area I can answer as many people as possible.

Here is my opinion:

  1. Hong Kong companies will not fly you out for an interview, unless you are in a very senior position. If you don’t come on your own money, nothing will happen.

  2. It is all about relationships. I sent my resume out for one year. Once I was scheduled to come to Hong Kong, I let everyone that I had sent info to know. At tht point the interviews began popping up.

  3. Unless you are an intern, who happens to be able to afford to fly to Hong Kong, or a senior level person you probably will not find a job (not 100%, just probably). There is local talent for entry level through senior ID level.

  4. The expat packages are pretty much gone for Hong Kong. People want to live here and so the Expat system is not needed anymore. They only exist for places people don’t really want to go to. It’s the nature of a free market.

Don’t want to make it sound like a downer. After three weeks I am getting through the simple cultural issues and learning curve, and this is a beautiful place, if you don’t like snow.

i work in hong kong too. this will be coming up to my 3rd month here now.
and i got my job via an email n portfolio.

however, from my experience here so far, if u come they will hire… the main problem is that many people simply arent prepare for the move. while companies are beginning to seek foreign designers, anyone who is willing to travel over here has their chances tripled somewhat.

hey tim congrats on ur new position. ive heard alot bout daka.

so did you have alot of experience before you found your position there?

I remember TimF said that they were mainly interested in foreign interns or very senior level people. As he put it, all the in between positions could be easily filled with local talent…

your take on this?

i had 6 months expereince under my belt. so not alot by any means.
it depends on ur skill base. i found it was the skills and the types projects done form my previous company that made it easy.

ofcourse there is no correct answer to this. my advice would be just to give it a shot.