geting into the design industry at 34

My name is Alejandro, I am 32 years old, and I am an argentinian industrial engineer.
Since a couple of years if I’ve been trying to get into the industrial design industry.
Now I have the opportunity of taking a master of science course in industrial design at the Politecnico di Milano. They are offering me fully sholarship and free hosting at Milano. Of course I know italian.
Right now my main concern is if I am taking the right path by leaving my life here in Argentina, studying two years in Italy, and starting from zero in the design market having 34 years old.
Besides this, what about Politecnico di Milano? is it good enough?
All kind of comments & suggestions (respectfull) are welcome.

Anyone who has the opportunity to study design in Milan would be crazy not to. Even if you chose not to practice design afterwards, it will be an experience that will enrich you.

And don’t look at it as starting from zero in the design market, look at it as taking your engineering skills to another dimension.

You cant lose, think of it as a 2 year sabattical and who knows you might find its what makes your soul sing. The harsh reality is that your age will be a hindernce in finding a gig. but your engineering background will likely make up for that. Full ticket 2 years in Milan, that boom you hear would be me hitting the door heading for the airport.

ciao, and good luck

I you have talent you can still do well- I was told I was too old- I had a career in fashion and then moved over. Its tricky when everyone around you is in their 20s but being older has some big advantages too

What are your ambitions??

If you are project that attitude of someone looking to learn, struggle, be critiqued and strive for improvement I doubt anyone will even remember that you are older.

Thank you guys for all your comments.

Fish Finges, regarding your question, my ambitions are first of all to learn as much as I can and to become a real good designer. Then, perhaps working in Milano in some interesting projects. In the long term I would like to work as a free lance designer in my country (Argentina) mainly designing and manufacturing my own products.

Regards to all of you.