Get Permission before listing Clients??

I ask clients if I can add them to my client list, sometimes no problem, other times they don’t want to.

Do others find this the to be the case? If so, did any client’s ever give a reason as to why they don’t want to be listed?

I do ghost design for some clients, were in they do not want anyone to know that they utilized an external source, either for internal reasons or so the comp. does not know were the designs are coming from…

This is usually something upfront I inquire into to ensure we are all on the same page.

Chevis W.

Ok, Guess, I could generically describe the clients

Yes get it in writing. I have it in my contract too.

But I don’t publish a client list on my site - several reasons.

Not having a client list has made no difference to the amount/quality of work I get.
I don’t think clients want to see themselves lumped into a big list of other brands. When you’re freelance you have to make your client feel as if they are #1 , they don’t want to know about anyone else. I think that’s why they don’t like it. They don’t want to be collected like some kind of ‘badge.’
I can think of examples where designers have lost out on work because there was a brand that saw a brand on their client list that they didn’t like.

Because I don’t have a list published on my site I can then use my own discretion when talking with other clients about who I’m working for/have worked with, I don’t want to tell everyone everything about my work.