Gerry Mayer - Portfolio Feedback

Hey guys, I just recently finished up the first version of my portfolio and I’m looking for your feedback. Huge thanks to so many of you who have helped me along the way here on the boards! :slight_smile:

Looking good Gerry :slight_smile:. You do have a LOT of pages for each project though, there are 31 for the first one, do you think it might benefit from condensing it a little? It’s great to see the process, but there are lots of pages covering the same section of design at the moment.

It’s got a nice story sort of flow as you scroll through Behance, but there are a couple of points that I got a bit confused at, the colour blocks and breaks between some sections like the beginning of the 'Two Player Arcade Machine" lost me a little, I think because the page breaks aren’t that obvious on Behance?

I’m using a 15" screen and struggled a little to read your first page comfortably from a normal distance, it is legible, just a little strained for the smaller screen! :slight_smile:

I LOVE the image of the Arcade Machine in the boot of the car by the way!!

Is it worth putting a contact or call to action on the last page?

Hi Sophie, thanks very much for taking a look and for your feedback! I will definitely thin it down and work on the small text on that first page. I’ll also create call to action for the last page.

You make a great point about the page layout and color breaks being difficult to determine where one page ends and the next begins. I think I’ll try making that more clear by blocking out more of the page in one color or tinting the white backgrounds a light grey.

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Hey Keno, thanks a lot for taking the time to review it and for the feedback! I’m going to be working on thinning it down.

Although the personal web based portfolio idea could result in better showcase of a portfolio, at the moment I’m leaning towards more of a standard presentation site like Behance or Coroflot that give the frequent portfolio reviewers a familiar format to review my work. That’s definitely something to consider though, thanks!

Based on your feedback, I’ve updated to version 2 removing some of the extra images and a few that were a bit confusing. Also I added a call to action at the end.

I’m hoping it’s still not too long though it might be! Let me know if this version reads better or still could be improved. Thanks again! :slight_smile: