German product of the week

The story behind it: German minister loses doctorate after plagiarism row - BBC News
:mrgreen: “Minimized to the absolute essentials, for efficient and fast working”

Where’s the ‘Z’?

Where’s the ‘Z’?

Germans don’t make mistakes :wink:

Oh, i forgot to add the appropriate soundtrack:

Ever noticed the crappy cup holders in German cars?

what no macro to do it all with one button?

German cars are made for driving, not for drinking coffee in them (OMG, have I really said that? :unamused: )

Bobby’s my idol… … and, yes, I believe you did say that. :wink:

Forgive me

  • my sometimes lousy grammar skills :blush:
  • my rejection of German cars :unamused: as well as
  • my rejection of cup holder in cars (where ever they come from) :laughing:

Awesome. I can actually hear the thick German-speaking English accent from here.
I’ve heard that an 18 year old German girl can out drive a 30 year old American man any day on the track. Goes hand in hand with the cup holders.

The new Stig is rumored to be Sabine Schmitz

Hey, could be worse. She appeared quite often on a German TV show called D MOTOR and it was always funny seing her winning against machismo :wink:

I’m sorry… … . after more scrutinous review, I’d have to say this is the “old” Stig… … . :blush:
Not the new Stig.JPG

The “Gutti” times are over. A little step down for him, a big step forwards for… :mrgreen: German Defence Minister Guttenberg resigns over thesis - BBC News