german design schools? ask me :)

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i registered some minutes ago and wanted to wave a big “hello” to all the designers out there!

iam a german id student in kiel (which is in the very north of germany) and still have fresh memories of getting information and applying here in germany. so feel free to ask me about design schools in germany - i´ll do my best to answer your questions.

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I recently spent a semester at the Hochschule Anhalt (the Bauhaus) and I would love to get back to Germany.

It seems that many Master’s ID programs are difficult to get accepted into or are part of a 5 year plan for students who already recieved their undergraduate degree from the school. Do you have any input on German Master’s in ID programs? can you recommend an industrial design Master’s program in Berlin?


i’m a furniture design student (third year) in Hungary, and i really want to spend a semester in some design school in Germany (Berlin if possible). my problem is that i don’t really have much money and i don’t know any schools there.
if u could help me, that would be really nice. :wink:

first of all: all german schools have to offer the “bachelor/master” degrees in 2009 (i think) and not all of them made the change yet. so you will find some schools with the old german “diplom”, some with the new degrees bachelor/master and others changing their program right now. and because our old “diplom” (4 years) is somewhere in the middle of bachelor (3 years) and master (3+2=5 years) there are lots of discussions how many students will apply for master programs in the future. but i guess only few will apply for master program right after their bachelor. i think most will gain job experience and - if they apply - they will chose master programs of their special interest which might be in any place on this planet. to put it in short words - i think your chances to get accepted are quite good.

i dont know the schools in berlin very well, sorry. iam not even sure, if there is a school that offers an id master program?! might be still the “diplom”. but i can give you a very nice alternative: the “fh potsdam”. potsdam is a bit south of berlin, i think you drive 30 min by car to berlin, but its very well known and it offers an id master program, have a look at

@hana - berlin is a cheap place to live (relative to other places in germany) and the german schools are not very expensive. depending on the german state (in german: “bundesland”) which the school is located, you pay max. 1200 euro a year. normally its around 200 euro a year. and that includes the free usage of the public transportation. besides the fh potsdam there are these schools in berlin:

maybe the people on can help with more detailed information, feel free to sign up and start a thread in english.


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