+ + + German Design School !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a plan to apply in this following German Design school this semester, because I’m interested on book design and also media design there, too. But I don’t have so much information about them, except on their web…
If anyone know something about them, could you please suggest me some ? (ex. competition, study style… etc.)

These are some schools that have Visual Kommunication Diplom

  • Hfgb Leipzig
  • Hfk Bremen
  • UDK Berlin
  • KH Berlin
  • FHTW Berlin
  • FH Potsdam
  • KISD

Thank you in advance for all your suggestion !!!

check out one of the other thread here about europe, i posted a lot of german schools there.

you can find a list of school at www.precore.net but the site’s in german …

Due to recommended website, I think, KHB is so competitive … or maybe all design school in Berlin is much more competitive than other city… :open_mouth:

I’m a south American studying in a German design school HFG Offenbach which has a Visuall Komunikation Diplom. The school has a very good name around, but to get in you’ll need (as well for most art academies in Germany) a portfolio, and to take a test before getting accepted.
BUT :exclamation: MUST speak German.
in Germany is very odd, but there is no general knowledge about ART SCHOOLS/ACADEMIES. not art students know how many nor where. Most has heard one or two, but that’s as much as your going to get.

  1. Get focused on the part of Germany you would like to live on => Usual answer Berlin (good fashion platform as I’ve heard)
  2. To get a result on the top German Art schools in a defined career is almost impossible.
    But they are good, very good.
  3. Fach Hochschule? Hochschule
    technical school? University status =Art academy

I´ve heard from a German that, Leipzig has a realley good reputation as a school, and they also offers a special degree in book-design im applying there myself as meisterschûler.