Georgia Tech

I left the Industrial Design program at tech to pursue building construction. I have received a lot of input to rethink that decision. I was really lead to believe my prospects to be bleak in industrial design and great in building construction. Thoughts?

Just curious, did you leave because you were unhappy with the program or because you wanted to move on to building construction?

Well the common first year was notoriously rigorous, though after the first year, ID gets a tad easier. Building construction has 1/3 the classroom studio time which equates to 1/20 the time spent in studio. I feel like I’m good enough at it, but I’d have an easier and more (monetarily) rewarding career in building construction. I still feel like I gave up on my dreams. Dang.

I have plenty of friends who are all doing very well in BC. If you’re happy with it then go for it.

But you should do something because it’s what you WANT to do, not necessarily because it potentially offers more money for less work.

Thanks! I feel like I can still hang out here and keep up with ID as much as I’d like, so I shouldn’t so much regret my decision.

I’m not sure what kind of advice you are looking for. We don’t really know any detail behind your situation. We can’t tell you that you made a right or wrong decision in leaving ID for construction without knowing the back story.

Personally I have a lot of blue collar workers in my family and many friends that do thing such as construction, excavating, etc… and I have to say I am pretty good with my hands too. With that said I was going to go that route but decide that I should get an education so I “would have something to fall back on”. I fell in love with ID and here I am a designer. This is the same with many of my friends that work in construction. Many own their own businesses now and college thought them a lot in that regard.

My 2 cents

Oh and from what I have seen GA Tech has a pretty decent program

I’d have an easier and more (monetarily) rewarding career in building construction. I still feel like I gave up on my dreams. Dang.

More money.
Gave up on dreams.

This is a call for you to make, my friend.

I’ve been offered real estate positions where I could make 2x / 3x / 10x what I make right now. And then I remember that mirror on my wall.

The saying “you must love what you do” is not just a cliche to tell school children. Growing up, I always wondered if it was just a cliche.
The look of longing and desperation I see and hear when other professionals in very other successful careers expose when they confide to me that they wish they never gave up on their dreams… it feel like a funeral to the soul. Find what you love, and do it.
However, sometimes this field of ‘the arts’ or design is just a misplaced romanticism for some, and can/should be meant for a hobby.

That’s my input, take care and good luck

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