Georgia tech

Could anybody tell me about the MID program at Georgia tech as to the standard of the course and its status in the real world as compared to savannah or Academy of arts univ .I have chkd previous posts but want to know the current status.

Design Intelligence, (magazine)
Ranks Ga Tech in 10th place,
Savanah and Academy of arts didnt make the top ten.

FYI Arts Center college of Design was 1st,
Intitute of Design (IIT) 4th
Stanford 5th

Gatech’s ID Dean is new this year and I think he will drive the reputation of Ga tech MID even higher.

Also Design Intelligence also listed two faculty members, along with 13 others, to be the best instructors in the country. The program is nationally known and ranks very high among its peers.

Thats all I know, I should know more in the next few weeks when I visit, I was accepted a few days ago :smiley:

hey thanx…that was really helpful.
oh btw…congrats and i got in too nd thats why the que…
i am still awaiting replies from RISD,DAAP and IIT…
well let me know if u learn anything more when u visit the school…

Cool congrats yourself!

RISD ranked pretty high too at 6th. DAAP seems to rank higher in the undergrad program.

I’m also waiting on IIT, I’ve been told to expect their decision this week or next. I went to their open house last month; it as a truly awesome place. I really liked how they see design, more of the up front innovation and strategic applications.

I’m also waiting on Stanford and NC State.

Well I wish you luck in the next few weeks, it will certainly feel great when, all the decisions are in, running home everyday to find a mailbox full of magazines and bills but no big envelopes from schools is getting tiring.

haha…so true…opening my inbox has never given me jitters before… but i am much relaxed after the Gtech admission.which iit have u applied to chicago or urbana chaimagne?also can u tell me the ranking of the colls that u have?whatever i know of the colls is from their website and core77…
Stanford doesnt have a straight ID program rite?it seemed more of a program for engineers or atleast thats the impression i got from all the info i have of the course…
I have also applied to RCA,london but since i havnt recieved anything from them i am confused of their system…do u know anybody or have u applied nd have got any reply from them?the posts on this site have ppl talkin of interaction design course but nobody is speakin of design products…
anyways all the best to u too

I applied to IIT in Chicago, I dont know much about urbanna.
Yeah stanford is not exactly “industrial design” its more product design. The focus there is more on innovation and less on aestetics (thats a huge oversimplification)
I’m not sure on RCA, at this point you should at least have an interview…i think they are required.