Georgia tech program


Does anyone know about the ID program at Georgia Tech (especially the masters)?. I know they have a decent archtiecture department. Anything you might say will help.


Check into Savannah College of Art and Design as well.

They have a lot of good resources and Bob Fee who is the graduate advisor. Try and visit them both and see for yourself since they are only 3.5 hours away from each other.

In fact, Bob Fee alone is worth going to SCAD for…

Tech is now searching for a new program director…which could make or break the program. Look at student work, and look at the ‘average’ student. The better the ‘average’ student is, the better the program could be.

I just had an interview around that area.
It was small firm, so they were able to take me around and we passed by Georgia Tech… He mention about the student skills are not so good, the portfolio that came out from that school are not that great. :blush:

O.K. buddy, at least Tech grads know how to create coherent sentences. I doubt your small firm will ever get far with that attitude.

well…actually that firm is doing very well!
maybe the fact that my English is my third language explains why my sentance don’t sounds as intelligent as yours. I am sorry for that.
I am just speaking of what I’ve heard…
Besides, it must take a good amount of low quality students to apply for job in order to have employers to thinks that.

I know this comes late to the thread, but I feel obligated to defend my program. :slight_smile:

I graduated from Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and am currently pursuing a masters in Industrial Design.

The first and foremost thing your should understand about Georgia Tech’s Master’s program is that it is entirely what you make of it, especially since the program has been in flux lately. It is possible for your to sit on your duff and do nothing, but Georgia Tech itself and the organizations that orbit the Institute provide a lot of research opportunities that you couldn’t get anywhere else. There are great opportunities for people that wish to study design for disability, those who wish to study interface design and HCI, and some respectable ties into sustainable design interests. The classes here are certainly affected by the strong engineering influences around the program, but I don’t count that as a detriment. And as far as technical merit, I believe that Georgia Tech ID students have won the IDSA merit awards for several years running. There’s certainly a strong sense of community within the program, and an aggressive attitude about learning and understanding good design. Anyway, it pretty much comes down to checking the place out if you have interests that align with the opportunities here… I suspect that applies to just about any MID.

That is, the southern district awards.

Does anyone know if Kevin Rieder is still teaching at G Tech?
He was one of the best teachers I had in college.