Georgia Tech or Savannah CAD

Just wondering if any has gone or going to these schools for ID. Tell me what you think- students and employers. Thanks.

I heard savannah CAD sucks, not the program, but the school itself. Apparently they just care about the money and screwing you out of it (this info is from a co-worker).

The advantage of GATech is that its a state school so it wont cost as much. The program is getting better (ie the classes about to graduate show more promise than previous ones).

If you are in atlanta, go check out some student portfolios and see how they measure up. do the same for savannah. If you MUST choose between these two that is…

Thanks D, I think I will check out GT. It has a good reputation like MIT. See if I can get in.

bear in mind GATech’s reputation is in ENGINEERING, not ID. Look carefully and see if the curriculum and student work is up to par with your expectations.

gt is definitely a program on the rise. It will always be “known” for the engineering background, but as a South East designer, I have seen the quality of work improve greatly. GT grads I have met seem to be quite technologically and research focused. The curriculum seems to be fairly demanding…but expected from a top national school. Give them both a look, and see which environment fits you best.