Genius !!! 3D printer uses smart phone

Absolute genius !!! 3D printer uses a smart phone to drive and print.


There have been rumblings of LCD based Stereolithography machines for a few years now, but given all the seemingly obvious “Advantages” it seems that none have been productized yet.

I have to imagine there becomes additional complexity that is not being shown and discussed here. Also, in watching their videos I’m slightly confused why it seems like the build platform raises and lowers throughout the build, which doesn’t add up.

Considering the uses for 3D printing, if they have cracked the resin that can be properly cured by an LCD (LCD’s normally do not produce the wavelength needed) then I would say forget using a smart phone, just give me a 15" retina LCD in a dedicated box so I can have a proper build volume and not tie up a phone for a 4 hour build.

All of the upside down printers need some way of stripping the just cured layer that is stuck to the transparent build window. Some rock the window, some lift then reposition – all done so that the object isn’t pulled off the build platform.

There is a tablet version in the works. Phone version keeps the cost at $99.00 – a starting point. I’d buy a high res dedicated version in a heartbeat. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works when it’s shipped. It’s a $99 shot in the dark. Seems to me that it’s the daylight resin that is the real magic.

  1. Sounds like vaporware
  2. I have to walk around without my phone for 12 hours during a build?

I’d probably buy this with a $50 kindle fire and use it as a dedicated printer at home. It would still be cheaper than any of the other low end printers.

I agree that it sounds a little too good. However, $99 is worth a test for me. If it works I’ll purchase a used iPod Touch to use it. If it’s marginal, I give it to one of my grandchildren.

Seems unlikely for anyone to go without their phone for several hours, but it could be a great use of old or cheap phones. My concern is if the resin is daylight curing, why is it stored in a translucent bottle? I worry about it’s shelf life.

Seems like they used the phone as a marketing gimmick. Just so they could say it uses your smart phone.
Agree with other comment, it would have been more efficient to have a dedicated screen device.
Also, at that size, what would you print? Toy soldiers, necklace charms, etc. Perfect for the hobby/scrap booking market.

It depends what it is meant by “genius.” I suppose that it is creative in that it pushes the limits of what a 3D printer is. However, most hobby desktop 3D printers aren’t even very good (by professional standards). You’re better off saving your money and having a third party print your parts on an Objet.

I’m considering going for the tablet version in September, meanwhile listening to what the community says about the smartphone version.

For a product designer this can be a great tool, given that an SLA model from a 3rd party agency can cost many hundreds of euros.
You can print multiple small parts and assemble them together.
You can print the models during the night.

As for economic value, I see potential in customizability combined with geometric complexity that other processes do not allow, especially for jewellery. Customized stamps, ok but you can do it much faster with laser cutting/engraving. The build time here is the major issue since you could build, say, 4 small objects every day which you would then have to sell with say $50 profit to make some kind of living. So I do see value in highly customized, personal items such as jewellery, figurines, or custom projects like Olaf Diegel does.