Geneva Auto Show

Some pretty big entries.

What do you think of the new Ferrari La Ferrari?

Lamborghini Veneno sounds as loud as it looks:

… and then there is the Toyota iRoad…

For me the Ferrari is a jaw droppingly good progression of their current style. The Lambo’s appearance is outrageously commendable (a la countache), & the iroad looks like it might just be more fun to drive than either of the 1st two ( in a sociably more acceptable way). It also reminds me of the ill fated Carver, which I adore.

Ferrari and Lambo: Please stop.

The Toyota looks like a Piaggio with a top:

I love where Lambo went with this, although it’s not my taste at all. I haven’t loved a Lambo for a long time.

The Ferrari is gorgeous. A beautiful track car. Can you imagine seeing that dart around the 'Ring a few times?

+1 on the Toyota, Ray. I had to check and see if Piaggio was made by Toyota after seeing the iRoad.

I like the exterior of the Ferrari. Certainly not the classic Pininfarina beauty. More challenging and purposeful looking, but not unlike most recent Ferraris in this respect. The interior is unfortunately (imo) true to the Ferrari tradition: an unbelievable mess! Looks like one of those wheel and pedals set you’d buy for your Playstation. And the name sounds like something out of a comedy routine :wink:

The Ferrari looks like it took some cues from the P3 (not the one-off P4, ew).

I especially like the advance in aerodynamics. I have driven the P3 and other race cars from that era. They get squirrelly at high speeds.

Unfortunately cars like that get bought by tools like Justin Bieber. They loose cache when that happens, atmo.

And previously on a Ducati. With no gloves. How would he hold his microphone if he fell off? Oh, wait! :wink:

Ital design

Love this guy. Kind of Lancia Stratos like, off the Gallardo platform.

The Ferrari is stunning. There is one little odd crease over the rear haunches though. Maybe it’s better in real life

The Lambo is nuts. I wondered where they would go after the Sesto Elemento which I really liked.

I’m in love with the Ferrari…it makes the Enzo look like a toy someone built in Autocad by comparison.

Now I feel like I’m the old grumpy guy of the forum hehe.

Another thought upon further reflection, ‘that’s where all those Pontiac designers went!’

Three wheelers. Cum se, cum sa. They come, they go. But none seem to actually be produced in number.

The iRoad. … smaller than the rest and it’s cuter. But with only an estimated 50 km range [33.5 miles] and a 3 hour turn-around charge time? It (like the others below) has three wheels and is technically a motorcycle; meaning that in most states you would need to pass a motorcycle safety course in order to drive one. And being a motorcycle, enclosed or not, in most states in the U.S. you are required to wear a helmet when operating it. And like most motorcycles, they are virtually invisible to automobile drivers.

In reverse order…

2009, Mercedes-Benz Dreirad.

1994, The Carver, 200 produced between 1997 and 2006; no longer in production.

1984, Trautwein Dreirad (three wheels)

1983, 3VG; designed and prototyped by the folks at Mother Earth News.

1980, GM The Lean Machine

TTW, Ernst Neumann, 1945 (German industrial designer responsible for the Neander automobiles & motorcycle).

1926, Neander Rahmen, aluminum box-section frame.

Diggin’ the lines of the silver bike at the end, particularly the leather piece that’s starting to find its way over the tank and frame.It looks like an early harbinger of where bike seat styling was to go 50 or 60 yrs later.

La ferrari… What a name, bleh!
Like some things about it from where the hood stops and backwards. It gets a bit to pointy and cluttered imo. But considering what its heritage is with the enzo, it doesnt bother me that much. Never really liked the enzo either though.

Lambo! pretty over the top even for those guys. What i find interesting is that it almost looks like they took inspiration from audis diesel le mans car (and transformers). I do find the headlights pretty awesome, and the tail is pretty brutal too. Will be interesting to see it in the 3 italian colors that they pronounced. Maybe a bit too much batcar over the entire project, but kudos to having their owning designlanguage nailed solid.

I thinky my favorite car of the show is the Pininfarina Sergio concept. everything just flows so nicely.

Diggin’ the lines of the silver bike at the end,

… then you might like these shots as well. >> Neander Motorcycle by Ernst Neumann

The Neanders were not painted. The silver appearance comes from being entirely cadmium plated,.

The geometry looks so naturally good on that Neander!

Loving that Pininfarina Sergio concept as well! Same goes for the Disco Volante. And I think the glass windshield on the X-Bow looks great, gives it a real purposeful silhouette. The LaFerrari is real nice, except for the nose, which is so much sharper than the rest of the car it seems to belong to the Lambo. :frowning:

Not so much in love with the Rolls, no elegance there. The Spyker is cringe-worthy, it starts out well enough at the front but by the time you get to it’s ass… Very unfortunate about the Alfa C4 headlights. I also realized how derivative it is of the Alfa-Sbarro Diva (Alfa Sbarro Diva - Models - Alfa Amore: Online Alfa Romeo community).

Seems like a pretty good show so far, all in all!

I liked the Kia concept. Feels kinda SAABish.

I agree, really like this Kia concept, fun stuff. Did anyone actually attend the show?

Just noticed the sidemirrors on LaFerrari… ouch!..

I was thinking something similar about the Lambo mirrors. I’ve never noticed mirror stalks leaning forward that much. Pretty unique & dynamic looking I thought.