Geneva 2010

Some exciting stuff.

I really like the 918 Spyder concept. Great stance and presence. Some odd details here and there, like the plastic wheel pie plates, but the car just screams “Drive me fast!” Also happens to be a hybrid.

I was just looking at that. Looks like a beauty!


what a pitty, that you guys in the states don’t get the tastiest little sweets.

ALFA Romeo Giulietta:


Small cars are getting better all the time.

Yours mo-i

The Alfa is sweet, they keep telling us Alfa is coming to the US… … …

Unfortunately, none of us will be getting this: The Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept by pininfarina: Too beautiful to every go to production. I would drive this.

ooh - am diggin’ that Alfa too ! It feels like it has just the right amount of restraint and flair in the styling - a lovely balance of old and new.

Unfortunately, none of us will be getting this:

But even if we did, we’d have to slap a front license plate on it… :frowning: and US plates are smaller than Euro plates; which is less ugly is just a matter of degree …

Why do “car designers” do this knowing that, in some parts of the world, a front plate is mandatory. :unamused:

they do it for michigan! :sunglasses:

but then again sometimes i wonder if i would trade my michigan no front plate requirement for the ability to have tint on my front windows! cant have your cake and eat it too i guess. :angry:

That alfa is gorgeous!

I also quite like this, at least in the front view. side and back are a mess but could be easily fixed. front looks kinda what I think of when i imagine a BMW R8 killer.


i have no problem with that car! its sick. :open_mouth:
well the only problem i have is the double piece of plastic/chrome cladding on the rear vent in the door. :confused:
take that off so its clean and that car is a beast.

I like it alot, aside from some of the weird sculpting on the body side… and the stuck on hockey stick. It looks super mean though, like you said, very BMW shark like. That would be a cool 6 series… minus the Aston Martin back end.

Does anyone else see an R8 under that freshly sculpted body?

Were you just guessing? It is actually R8 based.


Ha! I didn’t click your link and your post mentioned BMW… Obviously a little too much coffee for me today! :blush:

this one made me cry.

I wish, someday I’d arrive at that in a workpiece of mine.

It’s so good. I love how the instruments harken back to old Alfa’s without being retro. Appeases the Alfa-philes without resorting to gimmicky throwbacks.

That Hispano Suiza immediately reminded me of this:

You get that if you tap in “Ugly japanese sportscar” in google. I don’t know if everyone on the boards is playing a joke on me or what. That Hispano Suiza is an attack on good taste. Besides the “Let’s put every supercar detail we can” on the design brief, that front end just looks weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a forward projecting front end pulled off properly.

Shark like? BMW like? I don’t see it. Sharks are smooth, sleek, functional, aerodynamic. BMW is well refined, sometimes oddball surfacing. This H-S is just whack.

Mind you, the Alfa is pure gold. There isn’t a line or a stitch wrong on it. Mind you, as Lew points out, there is no place on the front OR back for a plate. Definitely an art car.

I’d say if you can afford that Alfa, you can afford the fine for not displaying plates properly.

are you serious?

you don’t see the connection? -

That japanese car is ugly. Only things wrong in the Suiza I see are as you mentioned the hockey stick on the back, and I don’t like (but could live with) the treatment on the back window. Would look cleaner with just a window like the R8.


Are you talking about the strong belt line? Other than that, I really see nothing similar beyond the fact they both have four wheels.

Normally, I just play devil’s advocate with you and Yo, but I’m really not feeling this one.

Me too was shocked by it at first sight. But it might be one of those, that need some soaking time,
cause it’s so different than everything else going on these days.

I see that CSL Shark Nose theme.

But I do agree that it is little too busy in the flanks and rear. Same theme, older solution:

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