Genesis copies Porsche, 45 years later.

Has anyone else noticed how the rear pillars and hatchback of the Genesis GV70 looks so much like the 928? It was bugging me for a month when it finally hit me.

Yes, sorta, kinda. After 45 years not so much of a bother.

No problem, but it’s a weird way to design a hatch (probably why we haven’t seen it since) and it looks even weirder on an SUV that typically has a more squared off rear end.

It’s the natural progression of SUV and wagon hatches that have spent the better part of the century raking farther and farther forward to look “fast” at the expense of cargo space (ya know, part of the “utility” of a sport utility vehicle.) Not sure I’d call it a pull from the Porsche, but I hate it nonetheless.

The Genesis GV80 has been making me do a double take every time I see it. Don’t know if I like it or if I’m trying to figure out all the separate blingy details.

whenever I see a designer throw the word “copy” around loosely it always makes me wonder…

I meant, “closely inspired” :smiley:

Maybe. Maybe not. Lots of things are similar to other things. They may have gotten to that solution without thinking of the 928.

Of course the designer of the 928 was famously inspired by the AMC Pacer. The C pillar of the 928 is a lot more like the Pacer’s that this Genesis is to the 928.

Either way, does it matter?

That’s true, they are similar. The only thing that matters to me is that it’s interesting to see how things develop and try to imagine what other designers are thinking about as they work.

Totally agree, that is why I think the “Genesis copies Porsche, 45 years later” headline seems a bit of an odd use of words. At least maybe just the way I read it…

On another note, my mom just got one. She is loving it…. Not an EV though so whatever :rofl:

Not sure if that is a bit of protective clingfilm on the rocker chrome or what. If so, if her remote control at home is anything to go by that will be on there for ten years or so.