general or specialized ID degree?

For the past year and a half I have been studying architecture and have just recently decided to switch to ID. Because of my architecture studios I have enough work to build a decent portfolio to apply to schools with, but I’m not exactly sure about where to go. I live in Kansas City and the only place that has an ID degree around here is the University of Kansas. I’ve looked into their program and it seems ok, but I’ve never heard much about their program and it seems pretty general when it comes to what they focus on.

I guess my main question is would it be a good idea to get an BFA in ID and figure out what I want to focus on and then get a masters in what im interested in? (im thinking transportation, but im not sure yet) Or should i figure out what I want to focus on before hand and find a school for that from the get go?

More useful in the long run, IMO, would be to finish you architectural degree and then get a masters in ID. The architectural degree gives you future options that you will never have if you switch to ID before you finish.

Unless he definetly doesn’t wan to do architecture, at which point spending that time and money would be a waste of both. Transportation is the only area of ID that is so niche that it is difficult to get into it if you don’t go to a specific program. If your not sure about trans, don’t do it. It requires a level of certitude just to make it through! I thought there was another program in Kansas at the Kansas Art Institute (not owned by the AI people) but maybe I’m wrong? I would highly recomend UC.

Ya it turned out architecture wasn’t what i thought it was going to be, but it helped me figure out what my real interests were. I guess the only reason I’m not set on transportation is that because it is so specific, are their many job opportunities once you get out of college? Would it not be better to get a general, all around degree in ID and do a master in transportation design, or is there stuff that you miss by not doing the undergrad?

I have heard that KCAI, Kansas City Art Institute is a good school, but they don’t offer industrial design there unfortunately.

I’ve looked around the UC website, the co-op programs they have there sound pretty cool.