Gel White pens as a sub for Gouache

Anyone use them for highlights on edges on analog renderings? Are they any good? Any recommendations?


I tried. Not worth the trouble imo.

I’ve seen people use white out pens but I used to find it just as easy to use a white pencil and then photoshop where needed.

Yeah, I know about white out pens. I bought two of them online, because I heard of them being used in place of gouache, but then when I tried it, it clumps and it doesn’t flow smoothly. Ugh, i hate them now. Well, at least the brand (Pentel Presto) that I have sucks. Not sure about the others.

Thanks so far for the feedback. I think I will just scan my marker renderings and touch them up digitally.
With white pencil I never seem to get a sharp and bright line.

You won’t get it that sharp and bright, but by masking that area in photoshop by hand you can quickly fix that with some clean up of the levels or selecting the area + erasing.

A guy in my class used Rotring pens with white ink. They are quite expensive so I never tried it myself (went the digital touch-up route). But those gelpens are crap, only good for birdpoop.


Never thought about erasing the area of my scanned drawing in photoshop! I am still new to rendering in PS, so thanks for that suggestion.


I actually use white gel pen a little bit.
Actually, a lot.
Depending on how you use it, it’s a really easy and good substitute for gouache
Maybe it’s me, but I can buy like 10 white gel pens for the price of a small tube of gouache.

Use Daler Rowney Pro White – opaque, flows well, in a jar and it’s half the price of gouache.

I actually prefer to go the opposite route. I add a highlight layer to my photoshop documents. That way you can do some non-destructive editing. Instead of erasing information by deleting it, I simply paint white over objects. This gives you the ability to later go on and adjust your highlights if needed.


Thanks for the Pro-White suggestion. I am ordering it online tonight!


Thanks for the photoshop tip!