good web log for auto. maybe core admin can add the link to the link section.

There’s a few good auto-weblogs. This one doesn’t seem to offer much more than reading the news section in autoweek though. Perhaps you should start your own log ufo?

which auto-weblogs?

that’s what a weblog is. a source from different sites.

no time.

but, in a way, core has become my weblog!

I like the weblog. That guy post alot, but also adds some interesting commentaries. I think that’s what makes a blog really worth reading, is the commentaries and linking things together. I can get the headlines from anywhere.

well, i guess you have time for searching all auto mags and auto company sites. i used to but right now i don’t.

Why to you always feel that you are being attacked and have to defend yourself sentence for sentence. Not every one is attacking you when they have a differing oppinion or in this case another site to visit.

sometimes i just get that winter fresh feeling

as for jalopnik, it is fine. i got nothing against the site. what gave you that impression?

haha today’s blog, indeed humorous!

Have you checked out those videos that he linked to on google videos? Absolutely sensational!

poor bug…