gear used on cassete deck door to open slowly?

does anyone know what the name of the gear used on cassete deck door to open slowly? is there any way that i can replicate the effect without getting the actual component? thanks!

I think all these mechanisms (similar ones are now used on interior car roof handles) just use a grease to fill the cavity the mec.h sits in to dampen the action.

thanks, is there any actual term/name for that mechanism?

Found some patent information for a Cassette eject mechanism:

Don’t know if there is a technical description other than ‘soft open’ mechanism - as opposed to ‘soft close’ mechanisms for applications such as cabinet drawers.
For small applications struts/dampers may be less practical.
Springs are more typically (lower cost) and can be designed/spec’d to application - door weight and speed required.

Here is another patent example that may help illustrate spring mechanism:

You can also find examples in auto interiors. Small compartment doors and cup holder mechanisms come to mind.

Just found this :

I googled slow close mechanism. Check out rs components or similar, someone must sell them.

I think Ikea and other furniture sheds sell the piston things for mounting inside cabinets.

A low-tech approach to slow/smooth closing is to just use a large gear with lots of teeth instead of a small gear with coarse teeth.

It sounds as if you are describing a rotary damper. They come in all shapes sizes, speeds, and damping strengths. Some have gears already pressed on and some do not. They can be used to slow mechanisms and are very popular for controlling the opening or closing speeds of accessory and glove compartments in vehicle interiors.

I’ve worked with engineers that used a lubricant they called “slow grease.” No idea what the actual compound is, though.

thanks for the answers guys!

Can you post specifics of the project for suggestions on getting a similar effect?
It’s a spring-damper system (the same system used in door closers, car suspensions, etc.) dominated by damping. You can get dampers in a variety of forms, including the rotary damper above and linear dampers. They come in various strengths as well.

To fiddle arround with something for a students project you could
source some silicone damped grips out of an old VW Golf. They have
used these since the Golf IV model. (Jetta, Passat, etc.)



See if you can find an “engineering o-ring kit” with various inside and outside diameters. Using a specific diameter rod try and find an o-ring combination that grips the rod but still allows it to slip. The addition of a little white lithium grease to the assembly might be helpful as well.

The o-ring would have to be supported by some kind of structure.

You might try a google search of “soft-close or slow-close hinge” for some inspiration.