GD&T Primer

Anyone know of a good GD&T primer to get up to speed fast on this subject? thx.

This is the book I used my freshman year in engineering school, except it was the 7th edition (I’m old like dirt),

Unless you mean graphic design and typography, then I would recommend anything from Graphis,

Thanks IAB, not Graphics but Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. I am an ID, but sometimes I am called to design engineer the plastic parts because program can’t afford bringing in an M.E. I have been self educated on the subject. I find the trickiest part specifying tolerances and fits between mating parts, since most inj.molded parts from china seem to be +/- .015" .

I don’t know if learning GD&T, since a lot of experience I’ve had with China factories leads me to believe they don’t understand it themselves. I worked in medical in U.S. when they started to adopt it a while ago, never got trained since I was an ID and not an M.E. What I noticed is that it is almost a discipline in itself with a steep learning curve. Now since they are making medical parts in China, they must be more sophisticated in using it.

Any tips in general on making sure to get mating parts to fit right within tolerances, not using GD&T? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.