gay hummer

from italy.

what whacko did that ?

find bigger pics here:

I like hummer and I ofter see yellow or black hummers run on road in Shanghai. Its bigger and power. I think when I have a chance to drive it ,I would be happy.

Hey man, pay respect to the Italians.

You’re passing on the link but I don’t mind reading it for you.

This car is made by Fiat.

I’ll bet the head of the design for Fiat is from the same country that the head of the design for BMW is from, if not from the same school.

The proportions of the wheels seem off- undersized for the size of the vehicle. Looks like a show car- very tarty.

There’s a guy running around Montreal with, what appear to be, 15" chrome wire wheel rims and low profile tyres on his Hummer H2. Yeah, it looks really dumb. Must be good off road though!