Gateway with Wacom stylus and digitizer laptop!

sounds very good and all, but does anyone have any experience/extra info on this?

E-295C gateway, details here:

the Gateway convertibles are pretty decent. A student of mine had one, and the pressure sensitivity, although not on par with a Cintiq, was far superior to the Motion Computing slates. It also had some form of 512MB video card and ran SW halfway decent too. 15" screen I think. It was ugly as sin, but very reasonably priced and very functional.

About time. A classmate of mine bought a Gateway and found out the hard way that the old models didn’t use a Wacom digitizer.

The end result was that drawing rapidly (at a natural speed) was impossible, the digitizer couldn’t compute the input fast enough and the result would be random jagged bumps in your lines, especially when drawing elippses.

Yeah, when it came to processing the strokes, there was definately some lag.

I bought one, got back to my place and realized it was simply a piece of crap. Headed right back out to exchange it for a more powerful laptop and a wacom tablet. Couldn’t be happier.

Toshiba makes one with a killer video card, fast processor, and nice chunk of RAM. Costs a lot but it is guaranteed to be amazing.

The gateway models simply didn’t hack it. I also lost about half an inch of drawing space on each side of the screen on the gateway.


I have the Toshiba Tecra 14" tablet and it works well. Not the fastest or sturdiest laptop I’ve ever used, but I bought it because it had the highest resolution and largest screen. Since I’m only really using it for sketching or travel it works fairly well.

Though I heard today the batteries are exploding…I should probably get that fixed.


check this list from Wacom site