gate design

Hey Guys!

Ok! …I know its not the typical ID project but thought i would share some pics of my latest design solution for a client of mine . I am sorry about the sketches :blush: …learning to get better at it. Is there any advice anyone could give as to how to properly cost your design work?

I mean…is there other variables apart from…time ,materials,labour and how to quantitfy them… :frowning: , sometimes u get carried away in the joy of design…and forget the effort it took to get a suitable solution… what do u guys do to keep it real?..thanks :slight_smile:

I like your design. I think some people will love it. As of pricing, I think it depends on how you work. Do you just design or do the manufacturing too? If you do the design and let others manufacture, and you have a steady client flow, you may determine daily amount (like 500 dollars per day) and charge them depending on your work. Or you may charge them depending on the quality of your work. Something designed in a short time can be awesome and may cost very much. If you manufacture them yourself, estimate the cost of the materials, labour and muliply it with 2 or more (so %100 profit) like most manufacturers do.

Thanks Predesign i do both the design and manufacturing, really appreciate the advice with the pricing based on the quality of the work! :slight_smile:

Silly me… I thought you were talking about gate design.

Ha, I have more experience with that kind of gate.