Gaspard's portfolio...


Another portfolio…
Can i get some feedback???

thanks ^^

it’s sad, nobody whants to give me some feedbacks… :neutral_face:
It doesn’t matter!
I’m going to work hard, then you will be obliged to say “Yeah! great work!” :smiley:

(If you think that I have got a bad english… it’s normal, I’m french :unamused: :smiley:
But i’m working my english too…)

It would be great to see more sketching. I can’t see you process.

Yes, you are right.
I have to write some explanation to…

Thank’s for your comment

i like your industrial designs

you seem to be good at sketching, and your computer drawings are good as well :smiley:


Nice variety of skills, abilities and interests. I think it is good show that your creative interests are broad.

I also like the spaceship sketch. The razor sketch is a nice style, but not appropriate for the product. It looks dangerous (and even a little bloody). A clean, simple sketch style is more appropriate for this type of product. When I have designed razors I’ve found that the clients can be sensitive to that.

Other than that I would suggest to make sure each slide is functional, that it communicates something to the viewer. For example, in the model set the second slide is titled “model”, but I’m not sure what it is I am looking at?

I’d love to see some full examples, sketches, renderings, and models around a single project to see your thought process from front to back.


You are right, the razor look aggressive! It was an exercice at school for different representation of an object, it’s not a professional work… luckily :stuck_out_tongue:
The rest it’s true too!

Actually I’ve got a lot of work, but am going to improve my portfolio as soon as possible!

Cool, let us know. I’d love to see the new stuff.

There is some new stuff…
Not a lot, but you can give some feedback even so :smiley:

( )