Gasolina motorcycle boots

I’m re-gearing for a cross country ride later in the summer. Considering these … bespoke, handcrafted by Gasolina, in Mexico; $229US

Question: they feature “Goodyear Welt” construction … is that a good thing (no pun intended)?


Gasolina “Classic”, 15" height.

yes its a good thing, goodyear welting is one of, if not the most, durable construction method to hold the upper to the outsole.

thats actually a really cheap price for a boot with that much leather and goodyear welt construction. they are saying its 1.2-1.4 leather used on the uppers, thats pretty thin for a durable riding boot, most work boots use around 2.0-2.2mm leather on uppers. nice looking boot though. Let us know how they hold up if you buy them.

As for one that has crashed on pavement at over 100mph I can say those boots would do little or nothing for protection even in an under 30mph crash. And they look rather fem too.

And they look rather fem too.

As for one that has been a motorcyclist for forty-six years, it’s nice of you to say so Bart.