Gas prices spotted in your neighborhood.

Pismo Beach, California; halfway between LA and SF.

02/19/2012; up $0.15 since Friday 02/17/2012

Ha that’s cheap. I’ve seen Super @ $4.99 at a few stations here on Long Island in the past week.

$1.37 a liter last night. $5.19 a US gallon. Exchange rate is effectively 1:1 right now.

Taxes make the diff. $.10 a liter federal gas tax, $.172 a liter provincial in QC, $.03 a liter in the city of Montreal, 5% federal sales tax and 9.5% provincial sales tax.

Therefore, $.88 before tax. Still really high.

$3.55 this morning in the Twin Cities.

Roughly $6,7 here.

Only $2.2/l ($8.3 per gallon) here across the pond. Enjoying the daily 100km commute.

Filled up AU$1.59 last night, approx. US$1.69 per litre/ US$6.40 per gallon.

Gas Prices in U.S. Still Dwarfed by European Costs

(Data correct to February 21, 2012)

$4.99 in Chicago. Although I rarely notice since I don’t have a car and only ride trains and bus’s. It’s so nice not to worry about gas prices.

Whoa! Really? $3.69 on the way home, $3.46 on the way in this morning.

1.27 yesterday, 1.44 today. Wow.

Now I understand why all the “high gas prices” talking points crap has been on the news. It’s still about $3.10 here, same as it’s been for the last year or so. How does that work?

How many of you guy have to runn premium? I love my care but the gas is getting crazy.

Wife’s CLK runs like a tractor if we don’t use Premium… it’s getting parked and she’s going to be driving the '88 Ford Escort for awhile. My trusty old '73 BMW motorcycle also prefers the higher priced juice … not much I can do about that… it isn’t going to get parked.

$2.30/liter, $8.7/gallon in Gothenburg heading for an all time high.

Finally the gas prices (for premium) are high enough to make my boss think
about trading his 750i for a Diesel 5er. Which is rather a positive seing even
the upper 3% start thinking about their Cayenne or whatever guzzler they run.

On the other hand, the E30 is still in winter storage and 1,70€ liter fuel
doesn’t make me pull it out early. The fill up would be 115 ,- $ right now.

:unamused: Cry !


We get gas from a pipeline in Canada here in Minnesota, supposedly. I’m sure it’s a supply and demand thing in Denver keeping costs down. Denver and Minneapolis are almost exactly the same size, so I’m not surprised to see the similarity.

$3.79 out in Cincinnati.

Luckily I don’t have to drive my gas guzzler of a truck while in school.

I was right!

I thought it was hilarious the debate over the Keystone XL pipeline. There are pipelines all over the US mid west and south (OK, TX). Only this new one is going to be dangerous for the environment? Com’on!

On the other hand, it seems like those greedy canucks want to export their oil out of N.A. and are looking for a seaport. Obama should have used that as his reason to delay (it’s going to come back, don’t worry) the pipeline. Would have worked with both sides of the debate.