Gas mileage compensation

What does your company compensate for gas when you drive to meetings?

  • nothing
  • 5-10 cents /mile
  • 10-15 cents /mile
  • 20-25 cents /mile
  • 25-30 cents /mile
  • 30 cents /mile or more

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With the costs of gas going up I wanted to increase how much we compensate our designers for driving their own cars to client meetings; mileage compensation.

Currently we offer 28 cents per mile, but I heard from our accountant that 11 cents would be the norm.

So I’d like to hear from you what your company compensates.

$0.11/mile??? No way. Don’t do that. Maybe 11 cents more than you do now, but not 11 cents total. That is far too low.

By way of comparison, I think I got about $0.25 a mile when working a part-time job back in the mid 90s.

Current IRS rate (from what I understand, this is used as a benchmark by many companies) is $0.445/mile (4x what your accountant may have said).,,id=151226,00.html

Hope this helps.

We compensate at $.50 (CDN) per Kilometer…but that is more a perk that is allowed tax free as a business owner. The last company I worked for paid $0.45 per Kilometer…which is approximately $0.72 per mile (CDN).

Too lazy to go looking for the CDN to US conversion.

Ours is $0.35
We’ve got 55,000 employees.

I think we are $.41 or $.44 I cant remember

Thanks guys, this has been great help. I’m going to go with 45 cents which matches the IRS estimation and should keep us going for another few years.

$.35 canadian per kilometer, which I think works out to $.48. Our gas is double the average US price though:(