Gareth Neal's traditional/modernist table

got to love it, and wow ITS REAL no fairy dust drawing but a real piece of construction.

i like it too. Those layers with the gaps kind of remind me of the PS2, the grooved one, and Robocop’s gun too.

The hidden classic inside a sleek facad, got to love cnc mills.

it’s awesome. period.

Cleaning(dusting) will be a nightmare, unless you got a can of compressed air.

don’t be a kill joy.

good point or you can think of cleaning the beast as a zen act every 10th spine cleaned a sip of beer/wine and contemplation. :laughing:

one thought, the inner form can only be seen from a very low viewing angle IE across the room, pitty that.

im in love with this thing. it falls under the “whydidntithinkofthat?” heading.

but, i have one thing to add…SHORTGRAIN.

i know its somewhere in the legs. be a shame to snap one of those platters on the leg clean in half.

To me the logical thing would be wood saturaged with epoxie resin post milling. I used that (west system and system 3) in building high performance multi hull boats and it was awsome giveing streanth that was 70% of carbon fiber. If you milled a small hole though the center of a leg, put the leg in a bath of west, and pulled a vacuum on it you would get very good prenatration into the wood fibers.

A good vaccume or dustbuster should do the job. I worry about getting cut though, but all in all a damn fine piece of design work.

reminds me of something michealangelo said about seeing the sculpture trapped within the stone he was about to sculpt.

would like to see a black lacquer version. Expensive but sometimes people like to pay more