garage door design


we are looking for a funky double garagedoor that actually would complement a modern architecture, - instead of the everso boring classical doors that have panels or stripes in aluminum or hard pvc. We tried to enquire about MegaDoor from Crawford (cool soft pvc, see link below) but they are only made for industrial use and out of the price range (ten times). Any clues welcome here or to ?\

best fnimion

“funky double garagedoor”
Are you one of those lame housewives that calls herself an interior designer with a portfolio of all friends houses?
Use your imagination.
Maybe use an existing door as a base/skeleton for your “funky” one.

  • no, not really.
    the office is exploring standard modules, that’s why I’m asking, and we are once again astonished to find that the creativity of the garage door business is null. naturally we can design something ourselves, but as you’d know (if you are not a lame housewife interiour designer yourself), you may want to use the budget differently.

The market vs. development and mfg costs is probably too small.

plus all our star designers are busy posting elitist responses…

Have you checked the sweets catalog?

The actual catalog itself probably doesn’t show all the options available, but it should give you a good sense of all the manufacturers available. One good way to start and to narrow your search might be to see what manufacturers are available more locally. Garage door manufacturers are located all over the place. Try to contact someone close and see if that manufacturer can work with you to create something more specific to your needs. It might take a little more time but it would be alot more interesting than simply ordering from a catalog

Relax John, are you even in the majors anymore?

Although I am currently in Prison right now, I do have some suggestions. Modern architecture ha?. Hmmmm. First use aluminum frame or skeleton which is very light and use tinted glass pannels in between the frames instead of the rugular wood or metal. Second option is, just use all aluminum or graphite pannels and frames. This will make your house supper clean and modern.

Off to wash the toilet right now.


Don’t make me come running out of the dugout and head hunt fools!

If its purely aesthetic, then just custom make a flat panel out of your material of choice and hook it to an off-the-shelf opener.

If it’s more about the “door experience” however, look into alternatives. How about…

  • a counterbalance that pulls the door up?
  • a camera aperature?
  • drapes or sliding panels?
  • a waterfall?

As I recall, Santiago Calatrava did something interesting with a row of differently-lenthed interlocking fingers that knuckle in the center. The top is fixed and the bottom slides up a track. As it raises, the knuckles protrude outward. Very modern, very sexy. Probably fairly simple to pull off in a nice hardwood.

yeah, or a hologram of a door and you don’t even have to open it, just drive right through :laughing:

ooo, or how about a hologram of an open garage door, but the door is really closed behind it, alla road runner!

seriously though.

I found this when I typed modern garage door into google images (out of curiosity)

I couldn’'t find any info on it other than the pics, but its proof that there out there!

These guys might be able to help

They do residential and comercial
typed metal garage door into google images

These guys had some stuff, brits though

My only other thoughts where to try salvage companies for old gas station doors or check ebay.

good luck and let us all know if you find something cool. i could use a new door myself.