Game Industry for Industrial Designers?

Hey ppl,

I was just wandering if Industrial Design graduates can work in the Game industry? Has anyone graduated with a Industrial Design degree found work in the Game industry?


I was working at a major corporation not so long ago and a few of my friends - ID grads - were talking about getting into the game industry. They specialized in character development and had extremely good 3-D modeling skills.


i worked on an indy game for the better part of a year. fun. but fell apart. plenty of IDers working in the game industry. some visit this board. occasionally. but this forum isnt the place to ask questions. try instead.

Yup, was in the game industry for 4 years before I decided to leave. If you want to check out the industry look here:

One of the most successful game designers, Miyamoto (Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, etc.) is actually an industrial designer.

So industrial desginers are qualified for game design too i take it, I’ve always thought it as computing and multimedia degrees as most of the designers do programming…
So is the game industry good…

thanks for the feedback, the site you mention Guest…are good, however cant post new threads…