Game concept.

Helping some young individuals with the loom and identity for a game they are developing. This is one of the base concept. Still needs some element refinement before I move onto the next concepts. But this is the first 2 variations.

Nice Chevis! Was the choice not to use green as a color intentional? It being in the name. I didn’t know the concept for the game so there well might be a great reason not to use it.

This game is a “movie/script/present/” type of game (greenlit is the term when a movie gets approval). I was at first trying to stay away from green as the “clients” where very focused on a Neon green. Which many of the stake holders argued against… So my goal was / is to show a more subdued color that would help (non green) and then in the options i would present a more (in my opinion) appropriate green.

with this design i am trying to create a simplistic/sophisticated/fun feel - keeping in mind I do not pretend to be a graphic designer…

With that said, i invite all comments and opinions!

I am also thinking of going with R/G/B - and the icons need to be arranged into 1.Person 2. Place . 3. thing

Roughed out a few more options, more focused on the box cover. Keeping in mind that the game is related to “creating and presenting” a movie script.

I think having some kind of nod to the film industry is a nice mental handle to add to the concept. Personally I prefer the most minimal top one of course, but it the ones with the film strip might be better to help people grock the idea.

cwatkinson, awesome work! I really like the graphics and style of icons your chose for the front of the box a lot.

I had a suggestion for the rendering though, maybe try a cooler gray background/floor and change the lighting direction so that the front of the box (the part the graphics are on) is the best lit face. This will make the box easier to read both from a graphical and form perspective as you try different graphical versions.

Appreciate the feed back, ill adjust in the next round of renderings.

I agree the simpler one is a cleaner read. How about just adding the film strip holes to the sides of the big green stripe in the first concept that wraps around the box? Then you have the green + film reference while keeping it minimal.


that i like allot!

nailed it.

Nice idea for a game - I understand that game packaging can get very over the top so they want to keep it minimal.
So the challenge will also be to still convey the experience of the game without the box looking generic or like belonging to a different product class.
I think incorporating a linework illustration into the background of the colored area will help conveying the experience and what people are actually buying.