Gaddafi's car- the Saroukh el-Jamahiriya

Gaddafi designed a car? The “Libyan Rocket”:

The design firm Tesco has some press releases about it, but in Italian and German:

Here’s a Google translate of one of the articles:

TESCO CONFIRMATION Dominic Morales, CEO of Tesco TS, we consulted confirmed the direct involvement of Gaddafi to meetings and various project phases. The Colonel as well as having clearly expressed his desired general pay particular attention not only on design themes , including those related to safety and driving dynamics. In particular requesting the use of materials for the interior fittings of Libyan origin.

Couple of hours we can not think of a colonel in pencil and coat designers full time, therefore, it is called an initial commitment of about two hours, enough to give an input to the cornerstones of the project, and then express their agreement or disagreement on the various proposals of style. Always Moral also spoke of ongoing studies to assess the costs and feasibility of production in small series or even large-scale production sites implanted directly in Libya.

The project is not born from nothing but from the contacts made ​​with the company last winter by the Libyan Investment & Development Company.In only eight months have passed from the blank sheet to the prototypes that you see in the gallery.

Anyone who works/worked for a coachbuilder know any other vanity projects?- not just people with lots of money who want a unique car, but who have enough money to say ‘I designed this’ (at least 2 hours input).