G3 imac

With the release of the mac mini my poor old G3 imac is getting terribly jealous!!! He ever so much wants to run programs such as quark, illustrator+photoshop cs and operate with the most up tp date OS X.
He cant because he’s only a 350mhz G3 with a possible max of 1GB RAM. Hes been looking for brain transplant to make him faster but he doesnt really understand computer tech. Could you guys at core77 help please. Where can he get an upgrade to make him as fast as posible? Preferbly done in the UK, also would it make a real difference if he filled his RAM slots to the max?



should help you out…contrary to popular belief you can upgrade a mac.
oh and some instructions…

Here’s an email i got from someone detailing how they upgraded their mac -

The upgrade consisted of adding a bunch of RAM, replacing the built-in
CD burner with a DVD writer, and adding two external hard drives. These
were all standard parts, and at the time they cost more than what I’m now
selling the computer for (this was done about 3 years ago). Today, you should be able to find these parts, especially, the memory chips, on ebay. You can probably get two 256 MB chips for $20-$40 apiece, and they usually come with installation instructions. External DVD writers are still more expensive than that, but you should be able to find one used that will plug right into your imac with little trouble on ebay. Make sure of the connections, though!

Hope it helps

Why bother upgrading? Unless you spend less than $400 (the price of a 1,25Ghz G4 Mac mini), I don’t see how its worth it.

Ditto, for the cost to upgrade the G3 (w/ accelorator card to push it to g4 http://www.macmall.com/macmall/shop/detail~dpno~381535.asp ) and add more memory you can get the mini fresh and hassle free. The only problem I see is if you have a dedicated audio card, don’t think that’ll work with the mini. I’d still want to wait until after some real user reviews before I’d get it. Wait and see if there’s a second generation, dont be the first guinnea pig.

thanks for your replys. I love apple products and i love the look of their new 2 products and i would also like to own lots of their new products. I just cant come to selling or hiding my imac away in its box, this is what will happen though as all i use it for is typing. Thanks again for your replys, anyone else know any info?

You could donate it. I’m sure there are kids in your family that could use a computer just for papers and internet. Or any local low income public schools, could help them out and clear out space in your crib at the same time instead of just having it sit.