g3 continuity w/o blend curves

Did anyone notice Autodesk came out with Maya 2011 and Alias 2011 Check out G3 continuity w/o blend curves.

pretty cool I’m still on 13.5 though.

In locations where I’d want G3, I’ll usually just build a new surf there though. Not sure if I’d trust Alias to just get it right.

Wow. How does the conscious human eye recognize the difference between G2 & G3? I don’t see much in the curvature analysis.

Looking in Wikipedia, the definition of G0 is the curves join at a point, definition of G1 is curves also share a common tangent direction at the join point, & G2 is curves also share a common center of curvature at the join point.
So G3 is acceleration (rate of change of curvature). Outside of automobiles, is there any practical application for G3 continuity?

It’s easy to dismiss this stuff as fussy CAD geek nonsense, but you can see it in real life on many types of products; usually when it’s done poorly. High gloss CE products are pretty unforgiving as are a lot of kitchen appliances. Start looking at the reflections where they roll over edges or turn corners and you’ll start to see how smooth some are, and how wobbly some are despite having rounds.

I don’t doubt the power of curvature continuity. In this regard, I’m a tru believer. But the difference between G2& G3 seems so slight, I wonder if you could do a visual survey to prove what a real person can actually discern.
There’s a world of difference between tangent surfaces & curvature connected surfaces. There looks to be not nearly as much between G2 & G3, at least to my feeble senses.

There isn’t much of a difference, this was discussed before but for the most part unless you’re doing automotive class surfacing building anything to G3 is mostly mental masturbation. :wink: