G1 is out! the google phone

Yo: Why don’t I just buy an iPhone? I think I’m going to use my eight hours on planes tomorrow to sketch up some cel phones. There are at least five good solutions to every problem.

Go for it.

This G2 concept actually steals something else from the old Dieter Rams Braun transistor radio. If you look at it, the top radii are sharper than the bottom radii. I wanted to play with that a bit in this. Also, the section has a crisp intersection which could be nice. Subtle moves from the iLook. I think that is the minimum, post iPhone, from a visual point of view. I’d like to explore a few more as well.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

I finally scanned my sketches. Man, this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be!

threw this one down the other day…

Cool form. I like the font for the screen too.

Why has the crappy standard phone UI stayed around so long? I’m glad the G1 doesn’t use the static buttons underneath the display, but why does it still have those damn green/send and red/end buttons?! So pointless… >_<

This is the Android-based, 3-inch Sharp touchscreen, General Mobile DSTL1. Basically, everything that other cel should be, but isn’t.

Wow, very nice… If that does everything the G1 does I might have picked that over the iPhone