Futuristic sea-doo

Here is a sea-doo school project dating from 1996-1997. It was sponsored by Bomabardier. It is a functional prototype. :smiley:

There will be more of “the making of” Exocet in my coroflot:





That is one detailed school project! How long was the project?

As a PWC owner and rider since 1994, is that based on a production Sea-doo engine and driveline? My guess would be an HX hull and drive system?

From a user persepctive, how is deep water boarding? Are the front “skis” for slow speed stability or do they aid turning?

This project lasted about a year and half. 3 industrial designer students and 14 mechanical engineeing students.

Poweplant: Xp (biggest that was available back then from BRP)
Hull: Xp (cut 12" off) and widen

The front flotters serves as three functions:

  1. Absorb shock from the waves
  2. Better cornering
  3. since the hull is smaller, they help float the front under low speed and static conditions. At high speed, a small portion o fhte hull is touching the water.

On the P2, water was leaking in the hull (someone forget to seal the joint between the top body and the hull) that was why you see it bounce on the water. With water inside, the weight distribution was off.

Project Exocet updated (general design process) :smiling_imp:

Thats pretty cool, I like how buff it looks out front.

That is a fantastic result. I may use this to strengthen my argument for an interdepartmental collaboration between ID and ME grads at my school.

You’ve got that Business class at State that’s all about that (but it’s also only a single semester, for what that’s worth). You also get to enjoy the company of Textile engineers, Marketing & Business School types, and more. You should ask Haig about it (if you don’t know about it already).



Concrete projects like this one is a great experience. Learning to work with other fields, understanding the “limits of design” when working with engineering, marketing etc. Learning to build a prototype (full size mock-up, fiberglass, design process, etc.)

This is like a preview of what is to come when doing such transportation projects.

Today, it has help me deal with such large projects. I am not afraid to confront such projects. I am looking forward to build another prototype! :sunglasses: