Futuresole winners!

These kids are still pinching themselves I bet…looks like they did a great job.


WOW bigups to AK-47 and Juan that’s awesome, make me wish I was a teenager !
congratulations !

Thanks very much guys! Visiting the campus was awesome and I got to meet a lot of great people. Overall, easily one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

Here’s a few pictures of another part of the prize I got, I thought you guys might be interested :smiley: :

Also, I had a good long talk with Mark Miner (dygitalvision) after the presentation, and after talking with him I’ve decided I’m going to further develop my design, so be on the lookout for that.

Awesome stuff guys. Congrats.

Phenomenal work guys. Can’t believe it’s high school level.

So are those rapid prototypes of the shoes?

Mr. Miner is my homeboy!..Good to get help from him…I’m sure he gave you lots of good advice Ben. You have been very blessed to have had that experience. Keep it up and before you know it you’ll be giving out the advice! Congrats again!

The level of work put out among both the finalist is inspiring to see. along with the finalists the semi-finalists also put in some work that I hope will be displayed as well. In all I think the first contest proved to be rewarding for all whom participated. I am looking forward to helping out in the future of FutureSole.

we did have a good chat about your design, that is the shyt that keeps me going. I love to just brainstorm, I think you had some great work started to expand. I am happy to hear that you are going to continue with the concepts. haha was funny how because we were chatting so long people were thinking I was giving you my projects to do. Was good to meet up and chat, am sure in near future be seeing you around again. Those AF1’s are nice, Marc really looked out for you guys with that.

I bet you wish you could have entered the contest…I wish I could.

congrats again to all whom made it into the finals, and to those who entered



**feel like haven’t made a post on here in years…

Wait…woah- MM you at Nike now? When did that happen? What category they got you in?

I was bummed I couldn’t make it to the presentations. I was caught up in meetings. I heard a lot of great things, you guys generated a ton of buzz around the studios. Great work! You each had some great mentors in Marc Doce and Justin Taylor as well.

Ben, looking forward to catching up once I move to Boston in the Fall…