future sole submission - please give feedback

I entered the contest for the first time this year, didn’t make it to the next round but I was hoping for some suggestions for ways to improve. I just finished my sophomore year in high school, and haven’t been at this very long. Mostly I’ve just done some doodling, so this is one of the first projects I’ve finished. I didn’t even attempt a computer render until april.

Now on to the design. It basically came about because I was tired of seeing so many jordan designs that seemed to me, for lack of a better way to put it, clunky or unathletic. I wanted a look that was both sleek and aggressive. I looked to a few different cars for inspiration, mostly the lamborghini embolado and aston martin one - combined, these created a mix of segmentation/geometric kind of look, and a more flowing style. (Looking back, I have to admit I’m not sure how well my original idea influenced my final design. Definitely something I have to work on.)

So here’s the sketch page I included with my submission. I went overboard with the background, and I didn’t cut and paste my sketches perfectly, but just wanted to give some idea of the development process.

And here’s my final render, touched up a little bit since the contest ended.

So that’s it. Please give any advice you have regarding design or even rendering, just keep it simple since I’m still a beginner. One area I’m especially looking for help with is the midsole. Since it’s provides support and cushioning, I guess the performance is very important, but I don’t really know how to go about designing it, as you can probably tell. Thanks.

Oh and if anyone’s wondering, I don’t know the nike sketch ended up in there. I was just experimenting with the idea, and drew up a couple nikes too.

Nice work man,

Here are some stuff you can improve on or include for your next project:

Have a ground line when you sketch your shoes, It would help…

It was good to experiment with the background but, it would be better if you keep it very simple (White or light grey…)

Try to aligned your shoes vertically or horizontally in your presentation for a better clean look.

Write or describe materials with callouts, Leather, rubber…and so on

You have some good exploration sketches overall but, you could still improve them as you go

The final rendering is good but you need to shade it more and show contrast