future of home PC's??

I just came across this:

Very nice.

ZDnet technology news, there is another one today.

i think microsoft and IT companies in general will have problems in the east side of the globe. china will take control over taiwan, high tech companies will struggle but won’t be able to compete. eventually they will find it at their best interest either to move to other countries or merge with bigger companies.

chinese will dominate IT and high tech if not globally, certainly in far east and asia.

Have you seen this product, it got alot of press a couple of years ago… a modular windows XP product the size of a wallet.

Since its modular, its not a souped up Palmtop like OQO… this pc can be inserted in lots of different modules and all your licenses, legal programs, files go with you.

It is kind of for speciallized markets, but I could have all kinds of uses we haven’t thought of.

so, what do you think?