Future of CAD

I have always thought about what it will be like in the year 2010 then 2020 with respect to CAD tools. In order to realize where we may be in 10 or 20 years we have to look back 10 or 20 years.

1 we have lots of variety with respect to modeling techniques… advanced surfacing functions.
2 tools like zbrush for painting texture…
3 rapid prototyping machinery and cnc that will cut polygons
4 Wacom tablet
5 Pro/ENGINEER incorporated the new dynamic edit witch is innovation cool.

Maybe I am a little disappointing with where were at this year. Anyone else feel the same way.

I’d hope in 10 years we’ll see a parametric modeler (SW, ProE, etc.) combined with the power of a surface modeler (Alias, Rhino) with the color, print, vector power of Illustrator, all wrapped up into one tasty package.

Throw down your rough model, render it beautifully, and make beautiful presentation drawings with it. Then, once you get signed off on the shape, build your model. At any stage you could develop your graphics right on the model for packaging, logos, etc with vector editing capabilities of Illustrator, flatten your parts for printing and even develop your packaging graphics all at the same time.

Is that too much to ask for? I don’t think it is, the technology is out there it just needs to be combined.

I want the day to come when I never have to worry about draft, never have to worry about a fillet not building correctly, never have to worry about zipping a gap when exchanging data, and never have to worry about a crash!

Haha in my dreams. :laughing:

I also want Autodesk to buy PTC and completey rewrite Pro-E’s UI into something that is usable and intuitive for anyone other than their programmers.

PTC did a big rewrite of the interface for WF5.0

and the zip gaps in Pro/E is gone for WF4.0 already. There are a hole slew of tools added (undocumented of course) to the new import data doctor.

I was surprised to learn that CNC can already machine polygon data… Thats how many toys get the wood grain in the plastic already.

What software was Iron Man using? would have been really funny to see a SW or PTC logo for product placement in Iron Man.

When I state that Im disappointed I mean cars should fly and I should be able to visit a moon base for under 25 thousand bucks by now too.

Well I don’t want to sound like Mr know-it-all but Wacom as been around for some time :
from Wacom web site :
“January 1984
World’s first tablet to use a cordless electronic pen launched under the name “WT Series” WT-460M”

That’s 25 years ago, so it belong to the “then” category, not exactly the “now” category, to me. Still a wonderful tool anyway.

I would like now to be able to do simple tasks. Like unzipping a file directly in an “open” alias window with right mouse button. Try it : it still isn’t possible…

I would like to have really cheap 3D desk printers. They are all very expensive and either produce poor looking parts or the expendable materials are also very expensive.

I’m also very disapointed by Adobe lack of improvement on the basic vector drawing tools in Illustrator. You don’t have precise modifiable filleting tools or the like. Actually 3D apps like Alias or Rhino have better 2D line drawing tools ! It’s easier to cut a line with another line among other examples.

We really need competition or either the prices go up (The price of CS4 is way more expensive than a Ps/Ai/InDesign set used to be) or the devlopment is stuck (Ai).

Now in the “wow category” I would say : modern render engines since Brazil and Maxwell and Vray. Amazing results.
But my highest rating goes to Hypershot. So damned fast !

And also the rise of real time. Realtime went from very expensive apps available only to carmakers (RTT, Patchwork, Opticore) to 999$ softwares (Showcase, Hypershot now VrayRT)

And, although I’m not a user, Zbrush and Mudbox astonish me : the “as easy as using clay” paradigm as come to reality !

As far as I am concerned I don’t see those as ID tools but watching a fast motion modeling of a monster or a digital babe is a feast to the eye !

i want my 3d gaming glasses to work with my solidworks… then we’d have something fun.