Future Digital Parenting Concept

Some of these SciFi shorts presented by Dust are getting really good. This one is from 2018 and centers around a dystopian digital parenting concept and how it is paid for by the parent’s workplace…

Why do they have such shitty cars in this future?

They didn’t get the executive transportation package from the employer.

The video made me think of Moxie the robot.

This one is pretty good as well.

I mean, I believe technology can and should change our behavior for the better, mostly by nudging subtly towards the positive. But I mean, sometimes people kind of just have to get vaccinated and pregnant women just have to eat fish heads or at least Omega-3. So how do you push them. And when certain negative feedback is involved, things get controversial/sketchy. Even if we would sign up for the ‘strict & punitive’ behavior change method, what would be the conditions to opt out again, etc. This is not all that far from becoming reality.