Fusion360 D4A Student Modeling Program (Autodesk)

I though I should share this, as everyone that participates can earn $250 (pre paid Visa Card) from Autodesk. This is a modeling project using Fusion360 for Students. Once you complete it and have the Visa from Autodesk, you can do it all again and earn an additional $250.

There are some simple requirements, like number of components and directions here.

Download Fusion360 Free here for Students, Faculty and Schools.


If anyone needs help or has a question, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Guys, this program is continuing in the new year. Make sure to complete two before the end of the (tax) year to earn $500 for 2015. Then you should be able to do more next year. WIll also have $100 level as well…

You will be able to make more next year. This is crazy! It is also shifting from a pre paid visa card to a check sent to you. :open_mouth:

Ok, learn something new everyday. Faculty at College or High school can participate as well!