Fusion 360 Roadmap Illustration

The team at Fusion 360 hired me recently to produce an illustration for their annual roadmap communication. A little behind the scenes on the project:

Thought this wasn’t an advertising platform. Calling it behind-the-scenes ???

Classic Dan response.

Yep, classic! Is it a promotional post or not?

I don’t understand the question. I did a project for a company, after the project was released I made a video about the project, I posted the project in the projects section… maybe instead of haranguing people, you could post some of your own work?

Neat project. I love illustration projects! Can you post the drawing? Hard to see in the vid.


Yah, sorry, here are all the original concepts and then the drawing.

I dig it! What a cool project to be a part of. Reminds me I need to spend more time in Fusion…

And also, michaeljacksoneatingpoporn.gif…


man, after watching it again today I should have put a freeze frame of the illustration after the time-lapse… I whipped the video up in a hour yesterday so I didn’t do my usual outline first.

You did a project for a company and posted a behind the scenes look, all fine - you can post what you like. I’m not being critical of your work, you are a professional and your work speaks for itself, it’s not up to me to comment. However, the first 1:15 sec of the video was devoted to how wonderful Autodesk and Fusion 360 are, clearly promoting that product. I keep testing Fusion 360 and find it lacking, in so many ways, for my workflow but that is neither here nor there. If you had just indicated that Autodesk hired you to do a project and here is a behind the scenes look I would never have thought twice about it. Once you heaped on the adulation and your reasons for using it you turned into an influencer promoting a product.

As far as me posting my work, I have been doing this for so long that I am completely confident and secure in my talent and capabilities and have no need for approval or critique. Besides, there is a link to my website, in need of updating BTW, so poke around all you want.

So you don’t like Fusion… great. I shared my opinion of it… can we move along?

So you have no interest in learning, sharing, or teaching others… cool. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

Thanks for sharing your process! Love that sphere chair with the hologram geometry.

It pained me reading about how amazing Fusion 360 was on Cadjunkie years ago in clearly paid promotional articles when it was far behind where it is now. I mean it was seriously, seriously lacking in functionality compared to where it is now (still only 80% of the way there to established CAD programs including Inventor, in my opinion).

I’m not commenting on whether or not this is promotional material, just giving a definite example of that which was obvious and yet not flagged as paid content. I really don’t like Autodesk as a company anyway (dishonest, disingenuous, and anticompetitive), and I increasingly dislike Dassault as they move to subvert the desktop version of SolidWorks so they can push the web-based version also.

MK19, would love to see some of your work from your preferred platform? Or was your comment a paid post from Rhino? :smiley:

Settle down kids.

Michael clearly mentioned in the post, it was a paid job (which by definition I think most projects are). The forums are here to share work, and I don’t think there was any usurping of the forums for “selling” going on.

The video was pretty focused on the sketch and design process of the illustration, not so much the fusion product… and we are really here for the sketches anyhow, right?


Thanks Ray! I liked that work station too. It came from an old rejected sketch from another project from years ago. Back in the file for future projects :slight_smile:

I read the Frank Lloyd Wright proposed several spiral buildings before he got the Guggenheim… it pays to keep those ideas stored away.

You got me.

I will probably eat Dassault pie and be forced over to the web-based version even though I hate what they are doing. To have Sub-D in a separate environment to parametric modelling means you cannot link the Sub-D geometry to the parametric geometry. PowerSurfacing for SolidWorks can do this exceptionally well and Autodesk are now focusing effort to enhance the ability to do that in Fusion 360. Rhino 7’s Sub-D features cannot combine geometry which is standard NURBS and Sub-D either (they are two different geometry types in Rhino 7). Ultimately, at this rate Fusion 360 is going to be the best go-to CAD for Product Designers, but it is not there just yet and when it is I am sure they are going to be charging the $3k a year or whatever that SW and Inventor are anyway…