anybody know anyone working here? im going to apply pretty soon and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this. i will be applying to astro, lunar, ziba, continuum and smart, but would really like to be in san francisco with fuse.

if anyone has any experience, or knows anyone let me know.

thanks alot, matt

man, if someone actually volunteers themselves to help your punk ass get a job at one of those places - so be it.

I’d hope people have more respect for themselves though…

wow, what sort of comment is THAT?

It’s neither helpful, useful or encouraging. Above all, it doesn’t make sense. Connecting people has nothing to do with lack of self respect.

people need to grow up, its really bad how lame and immature alot of the people are on this so called “professional” website, so to guest i say thank you for the helpful insight. stupid.

in my post i was not asking for people to help me get an in with one fo these places, or to get me a job here. i am fairly confident that my portfolio speaks for itself, and my resume speaks just as loudly. i was merely asking if someone knew anyone that had experience with one of these firms or a firm of this calibur. any little bit of info helps.

so i ask again, does anyone have any insight they could give me in regards to one of these firms? id appreciate it.

known many who have worked or are working at all of the above. all are great experience depending on where you are in your career. so…

astro - great bunch of guys. great energy. good clients. diverse product range and dipping into fashion/culture a little. they ship a ton of product that is very visible in the market and many successful. good peer designers to learn from. everyone pretty much loves it there. Brett is an awesome guy and bring in the good jobs and takes care of his clients.

lunar - as solid and consistent as they come. not as much “show” but they really focus on building client relationships. good bunch of industry experience. mature group with some newly added hot talent. most have gained very valuable experience while at lunar and speak highly after leaving. current employees love it.

ziba - heard mixed reviews from ex-employees and current employees. some love some hate it. good equity in the name. decent clients. a little more of a controlling and constraining design environment. aren’t they only in portland.

continuum - hmmm. least experience with them. been around but in general the perception is more mature and maybe less exciting but solid. have not talked with many ex employees. not sfo either…?

smart - very impressed with past work but scott henderson and max burton have left. still some talent there but the creators of icons have exited. might be an opportunity to step up. they are well established in a good market. good mix of work. many things ship for hp and many houseware brands. some beautiful stuff. multiple disiplines in house. employees in general liked working there. not sfo

fuse - doesn’t get any hotter as far as PR now. behar is the best there is at the game. brings in many glamorous fun jobs. many conceptual. if you work there you will see your stuff in the press alot. maybe not as much on the shelves. having a problem get traction in the market. things if they have gone to market, though well advertised, have flopped and been cancelled but in time things may get better. morale seems good in group but most who have left have mixed feelings about the experience… learned alot but did not like the way they were treated.

if I was a fresh young designer I would pick astro or fuse for the energy, diversity, speed, etc. i would put up with the negatives to get the experience and worry about shipping product a little later in the carreer.

if you got the skills to go for the above also consider NewDeal Design and IDEO… they are solid. One is small the other you know.

so depending on where you are in your career… some may suit you more or less depending on what kind of opportunity/experience you are looking for.

wow, well thank you so very much to whomever guest may be. the info will come in handy when i go to actually distribute my work and actually contact these places.

right now i am really concentrating hard on both fuse and astro…new deal seems really strong as well but i just talked to someone interning there who kind of turned me off to them. continuum does seem more corporate, which is extremely off putting but the work is really good and the global nature of the firm is something i really like. they seem to be going the way of IDEO, but the people seem to be too laid back to let it turn into an IDEO.

and then theres smart. i have a good friend who just landed a really nice position with the ny office. they have an amazing portfolio and i would love to work for smart, but at times they seem so boring. too much focus group stuff for my liking. but i will definately be applying to both the ny and sf offices.

anyways, thanks again for such thorough and informative info. it will definately come in handy in my job search.


I wouldn’t be so picky until I really know how they actually are. It’s important to evalute your choices, but it’s native to talk about them just based on hear-say. I bet they all are different from the impression they give. Afterall, it’s the PR that handles what you see and hear.

very true. i may be jumping the gun on alot of my speculations, however the image being conveyed by the website, and the products they feature do, atleast in my mind convey a sense of what the studio environment is, the personalities that work there and the style they work with. these are all important factors to me…

truth in the matter is that i am an uber-picky person, but i would love to work for all of the places i have mentioned. they are all regarded as top ten firms and i would learn a mountain of new things with any of these outfits.

but a very good point, dont judge a book by its cover.

by the way cow, your sketches are really nice and very informative, good work.

I was going to apply new deal for internship.
Can you tell me what you heard if you don’t mind?

well i didnt talk to this person for too long so i dont have too much to contribute. but what they did say was that overall they liked the job, and they were enjoying the experience. but they said that there is very little freedom for creativity. they liked doing the research and brainstroming but when it comes down to designing it was a little bland and not too exciting. kind of expected that.

but do take into consideration this is one intern who probably isnt working on the really exciting stuff. and i also dont think he has been interning there too long. you should definately apply though, they do really nice work and for that to be on your resume as an intern would be pretty appealing. just my two cents.


Continuum has a SF office? And Ziba? I believe both of them are dot-com era satellite offices that never really got off the ground. If they do exist it’s probably one person doing sales. But I don’t know for sure. Smart in SF is focusing more on the interactive side of things, less on product.

There’s also One & Co. which is similar in team size to Fuse and NewDeal I think. Fuse and NewDeal have been somewhat slamming each other in the design magazines - the latest blow coming from NDD in the ID Mag Annual Review. Feel the love!

I’ve never applied with Fuse but I know they expect some pretty heavy Alias skills to churn out their work. Behar is now the lead design prof at CCA too, wonder how that will affect the office.

their stuff is cool…sounds like it wasnt a good personality fit…sometimes interns think theyre going to jump right in and get their own project. when they don’t, it can be a disappointment.

i am interning at newdeal right now and it’s pretty great. it’s really small so you get a lot of personal interaction. the hours are a little harsh sometimes but the people are cool, and they are getting some great clients and even better projects, which says a lot for such a small company. i’m not sure where your from, but i would make an effort to set up interviews at all of these places before you judge, because everyone looks for something different. the senior designer at newdeal was at fuse for a while, and also at frog. but if you notice, you don’t hear about many “ex employees” of newdeal. i feel like you’ll be happiest in an atmosphere you can learn and grow from, especially in a first job. shelf space comes with experience and knowledge, and the only way to get that is to love and most of all appreciate what you do and who you do it with (tear). school is about standing out and building a relationship between you and your ideas. however, when your with a company, there are so many other relationships that you have to build, and a lot of it has to do with how you fit in. (so i gather, i AM just an intern)
anyways, i wouldn’t give up on newdeal. they know their shit (example. 2005 catalyst award amongst others) and they have great people from around the world to interact with and learn from (which also means international clients, which is sweet).
so now your 50/50 on intern recomendations, you should probably just check it out for yourself

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One thing I heard about New deal was you ended up doing lots of ‘cleaning’ after somebody instead of hardly involving real work…
Is it true?

well i dunno. as an intern i don’t have t’he pull, resposibility, or education that the full time designers have, so sure i “clean” things, but there’s plenty of other responsibilities that have helped me grow as a designer, and i think that situation will come with most internships out there…

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“guest” posted a great listing and review of firms: Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2005 8:23 pm Post subject: Re: fuseproject…

Are you still out there in the internet ether? If so I’d like to e-mail you with some more specific questions about those firms