Fuse Project

This is a silly question, but I really want to work for Fuseproject. I have applied probably about four times once every six months but have gotten no response. How do I get in with them? Has anyone ever worked there before, if so how did you get hired?

  1. Be super talented

  2. Stand out. They probably receive a resume from every graduating ID student in the US and 30% of them globally. Maybe 300 a day. Imagine that you had to look through that. Would your’s be remarkable or just competent?

  3. Having an inside source is always a plus. If you live in the area, get involved in the design scene. It’s no guarantee, but maybe you’ll bump into the right person.

  4. Be realistic. These are very difficult barriers to conquer. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out now, but look for jobs that you can get now that will prepare you to stand-out and show how you are talented in 3-5 years. Maybe it will work out then!

kmkimbro, thank you for your interest in fuseproject. I work as a contract recruiter for the studio, and I would be happy to review your application. Please forward your portfolio to mel@fuseproject.com.

fuseproject reviews all portfolios, and we contact applicants when there is a good match for our current openings. We do our best to reply with feedback when possible. Our openings shift often, so as your portfolio expands and develops, we welcome you to share your work.

Thank you, again, and I will respond to with feedback to your submission.


Hi Melissa- Welcome to the boards. Thanks for reaching out. It is always great when connections are made like this.


Thanks so much! I really appreciate the advice.