Fuse Conference 4/18-4/20

I was wondering if any of you are going to the Fuse conference this year April 18-20. This is the first year they have a focus on ID. It is usually a branding and graphic conference but the speaker list looks really great!!! I will be speaking on my prospective and how I have lead the brand connection through form in our seasonal business with a specific focus on emotional connections. I would love to see some core viewers there and get a bit of feedback from you.

Hope to see you there!!!


Hey Justin,
I will be making plans to head out there this year. Let me know if you have any time to get together.

We might go (if the client can pay for it, its expensive!)

Cool! Yeah let’s grab a beer if you have time. I will be there the 17th - 20th. PM me on when you want to get together.