Furniture trends

I did a search of the forum, but didn’t find anything. Does anyone have any good links to follow furniture and interior design trends? I’m looking for things that are popular, not just designer-y.


I’ve got lots on the more ‘designery’ side

I think this one is a good balance though

Here are some of the blogs I follow on my google reader specifically for furniture design:

I just added to my “daily look at”. some good arch, interiors, furniture.

Great thread! added to my google reader

Can You send me some more please…

I follow : TREND HUNTER - #1 in Trends, Trend Reports, Fashion Trends, Tech, Design
for furniture and others.

I’m all about the antique industrial my self all the way to steampunk.
Here’s a guy to check out

I read some of the ones mention above, but here are two that haven’t been posted yet.

I agree with GarageCat. antique industrial is so popular at the moment. It has also been on trend in the UK for a while now. Try these guys: Bubbledrum Vintage Industrial . They also have a good blog.

I like and

I love minimalism, so these are the ones I follow the closest:

There is some ugly stuff on that Design Milk blog. Thanks! hehe;)

Hi, I like Lift Chair because it’s very comfortable.

I’m shutting this thread down. It’s just an invite for spam links.